Yoga retreat in Dakhla


Africa, the Sahara Desert, wind, lagoon, waves, ancient culture, and remoteness – are exactly the words to describe Dakhla in Morocco. Dakhla is a city located on a 50 kilometers long narrow peninsula of the Atlantic Coast, where on the one side you can find a flat-water lagoon and on the other side some world-class waves.
Om Yoga has teamed up with Ocean Vagabond to offer you one of the best retreats in Morocco. Ocean Vagabond is a Beach hotel – ecolodge with world cuisines, a lively beach bar, massage and yoga hut, and nautical center.
In all location we offer multiple daily classes which include a combination of yin yoga, hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, bikram and aerial yoga, and more.
This amazing place is becoming one of the top water sports destinations in the world making it a great place to combine yoga with surf and Kite surf



Ocean Vagabond Dakhla is a friendly place that will satisfy all your desires. To discover with family, friends, lovers or solo, it is a place of calm and pleasant life where you can rest, share, exchange and amaze you with serenity during your stay. Your private accommodations in one of the beautifully pacha lodges are sure to provide you with a perfect relaxing yoga retreat.

Stepping into class at either oasis-like location on your own schedule becomes part of your daily flow and you can even choose between three, five or seven day retreat packages. Practice at your own pace!


For wind lovers, we have retreats combining kite surf and Yoga in Dakhla. Before Kite, Om Yoga provides a good physical preparation combining warm-ups, breathing exercises and stretching adapted to your session. At the end of the day, a more gentle practice dedicated to cell regeneration awaits you to cool off after your daily Kite surf sessions.


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