Yoga retreats in Casablanca

Enjoy a yoga retreat in Morocco, start with a detox retreat or a surf & yoga practice with the sun over your head, some sand between your toes and the sea in sight within the beautiful city of Casablanca. The big city life isn’t for everyone but a yoga retreat in Casablanca is the perfect way to balance out the bustle of the city life that people like to avoid with a peaceful haven to relax and recharge in.

Yoga Retreats in Casablanca: Your Health in a Big, Bustling City

Casablanca, the port city and commercial hub of Morocco rests on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Western region of the country. The well known capital city buzzes with activity all year round! With a fine blend of Moorish and European art deco plus a dash of Arab influence, the architecture of Casablanca displays the distinctive french colonial influence in Casablanca while the energy of the city is intense and busy.

Aside from the exciting city life and bustling Medina, Casablanca is also home to a variety of beautiful beaches. Along these beaches is the corniche where you can sit back in a cozy restaurant such as Rick’s Cafe to watch the incredible sunsets over the ocean that Casablanca provides or simply grab a delicious bite in a gorgeous setting after surfing or a long day at the beach. On top of all these activities, Casablanca’s yoga community has grown significantly in the past few years, providing many unique yoga retreats for you to choose from all year round with varying lengths to accomodate to even the busiest of yogis!

A yoga retreat in Casablanca provides a peaceful haven for you to recharge and reconnect which feels like a complete oasis and escape from the busy city. After a yoga class or two, take your escape and relaxation to the next level by trying out the many spas around Casablanca. Your skin and body will thank you after you treat it to either a luxury or traditional Hammam and massage. Casablanca is the perfect getaway for anyone who loves metropolitan destinations and indulging in self care.


Quick overview:

Don’t let the idea of a big city scare you away from experiencing the amazing and lively Casablanca! The city and it’s people will welcome you with warm, open arms and incredible hospitality. Whether it be for 4 days or 7 days, a yoga retreat in Casablanca is perfect for all personalities and will leave you overflowing with peace, love and a newfound excitement towards life.


Detox Retreats or Surfing with Yoga in Casablanca

Casablanca is home to a variety of yoga retreats but if you’re specifically looking to cleanse your mind and body of toxins then a Detox yoga retreat in Casablanca is exactly what you need! You can take part in either a 4 days yoga retreat in Casablanca or a 7 day yoga retreat in Casablanca with a focus on detox at Om Yoga. A seasonal detox is the perfect way to rid your system of the toxins that have made a home within your body while also increasing your metabolism and enhancing your general health with a variety of nutrient rich juices that are provided for you during this retreat! While also cleansing your body, you’ll have an abundance of yoga and meditation classes to take part in in order to recharge and cleanse your mind of any negativity that may be hiding within your psyche.

Being on the coast, Casablanca is the perfect location for ocean loving yogis. Casablanca is home to the unique surf yoga retreat, so if you’re looking to work your balance aside from yoga and catch some waves then this is the retreat for you! On top of your unlimited yoga classes and relaxing escape, you’ll also be provided with surf lessons, all equipment included! Offering the option of a 4 day surf yoga retreat in Casablanca or a 7 day surf yoga retreat in Casablanca, even the busiest of yogis will have time to take part in this retreat that is offered all year round! Indulge in some vitamin Sea, recharge at the villa and take your practice to a new level with a surf yoga retreat in Casablanca.

Cooking Classes in Casablanca

Looking to spice up your cooking abilities? Try a cooking yoga retreat in Casablanca! This yoga retreat in Casablanca is filled with learning and exploring with your body and with food. You can take a 4 day yoga retreat in Casablanca or a 7 day yoga retreat in Casablanca, you can learn how to make traditional Moroccan dishes that will leave your family and friends in awe when you make them back home! Alongside these cooking classes, you’ll have the opportunity to take as many yoga classes as your heart desires to help you learn more about your practice and your body with the guidance of knowledgeable teachers from around the globe.

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