Partner Yoga: Learn to support and be supported with this innovative form of yoga.

It is a fabulous way to strengthen communication and intimacy in all types of relationships. The postures and flow sequences are designed to create and maintain trust, strengthen communication and create a sense of laughter and lightness!
Partner Yoga brings people together through movement, play, breathing, and touch.

What is Partner yoga?

The Yoga Partner is a duet, you can share your session with a friend, a yogi in class or with a special partner. There are many poses that can ease your emotional bond, physical awareness, and trust in each other. For example, the warrior 3 or tree posture with a partner increases strength, balance, and confidence, while the child’s posture in its assisted variety helps partners to go further in the posture they would have done solo. Once in confidence in the basic postures of Partner Yoga, couples can embark on sequences of Acro Yoga or a Partner Yoga challenge.

Before the class, you can always spend a few minutes with the partner to agree on signals such as squeezing or tapping, one time for “more” and two times for “enough”. Always act with awareness and respect your partner’s level of strength and flexibility. Synchronized breath, eye contact, and smiles can also add a lot to the practice.

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When you are able to give and receive, this translates the essence of Yoga: The union in joy and good humor.

Partner yoga improves and cultivates physical and emotional support in relationships
Both partners must be fully engaged in the experience and rely on each other to perform postures and maintain balance, alignment, and concentration. It’s a great way to strengthen your connection with others by learning to let go, improve your communication and be open.

Sometimes we all take life too seriously, and after a busy day, it’s important to let go and enjoy life! A childlike approach to life to learn how to live the life you love.

By learning to trust another person, you are deepening your ability to trust yourself. Partner yoga practices reveal the beauty of our interdependence. When we take the risk of becoming vulnerable in the presence of another person, we are allowed to go much further with much less effort. This is also true in life. We can accomplish much more, with much more joy and ease when we support each other and rely on each other with trust.

Touch is also an integral part of the yoga partner. We touch and are touched by others. We use the feeling of contact we receive to increase our awareness of one another and to open ourselves to greater depths of our body and mind.

There is no donor or recipient in a yoga partner posture. Both partners are fully engaged in their own experience, each with their own role of supporting the other person – creating the perfect sense of balance.

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