Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga: When the towel becomes as necessary as the Yoga mat.

The Hot Yoga class is practiced in a heated room and combines the postures of Hatha / Bikram / Vinyasa according to the creativity of the teacher on a short format of 60 minutes.

What is hot yoga?

Hot yoga generally leads to abundant perspiration and tends to maximize the chances of mastering its prana yoga by bringing the body and mind to a place where it is possible to experience the subtle flow of energy through and around the body.

What’s hot yoga good for?

Being able to overcome a Hot Yoga class can help you feel better prepared for the challenges of everyday life. Knowing that you can breathe in the discomfort of a difficult pose while you sweat is something that people wear with them throughout the day.

Hot yoga is a good alternative if you want to get in shape, lose weight, improve your athletic performance, eliminate stress or acquire a healthier lifestyle. The beauty of hot yoga is that you can always go at your own pace and respect your limits.

The hot yoga classes offered at Om Yoga have all been designed and developed to fit the physical fitness of each participant. Carried out by certified teachers, our classes include postures and sequences accessible to all, giving you a maximum of physical and energy benefits.

More info about hot yoga

Among the benefits of Hot Yoga flow is the superior flexibility provided by the latter compared to regular yoga. It is true that it is better to stretch the muscles when they are hot.

Bikram Yoga is the most popular hot yoga form that includes 26 poses, two breathing exercises in a heated room at an average temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. Each class lasts 90 minutes and includes the same sequence of movements in all Bikram classes. The end of each class is followed by a 2-minute savasana. That being said, the heated environment is useful for preparing and helping the body in motion.

To enjoy Hot Yoga, you have to get ready. you must know your health and it is important to hydrate well before class and throughout the day. it is also advisable to eat a little before class and to take a mineral and electrolyte-enriched drink afterward. Hot Yoga Prana is not a competitive activity, everyone should adopt their own pace. If you do not feel well take a break. There is no ego in yoga; you do what you can.

As with any type of exercise, you should get used to it gradually. Marathon runners do not start running 42 km, they start small and build as they go.

Although there is no general rule regarding the number of hot yoga classes you could do per week, a regular practice with a weekly class would be ideally beneficial in the long run.

Many people try hot yoga because of an injury, wanting to stretch or strengthen more or to be physically active. While you will receive these benefits, you will also find that Hot Yoga can also improve the function of your body and mind.