Bikram Yoga

Sweating, stretching, weight loss and firming of muscle tone are waiting for you with the ever so popular Bikram Yoga!

Becoming popular around the 70s, Bikram Yoga is a yoga system synthesized by Bikram Choudhoury from the traditional branch of Hatha Yoga and its techniques. It particularity lies in the conditions of practice and its adaptability to the era of today.

What is Bikram ?

Bikram Yoga is a wonderful 90-minute workout that improves fitness, flexibility, balance and increases mental acuity and concentration.Each class consists of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, it is practiced in a heated room and is addressed to students of all ages and levels. Heat increases the percentage of exchange in our body, improves circulation, helps eliminate toxins and reduces the risk of injury during stretching.

The poses – which include the triangle, the tree, the eagle, the cobra, among other common poses of hatha yoga – must be performed in a specific and immutable order, in order to obtain the desired benefits. This series of traditional Bikram postures does not include inversion postures such as headstand that is usually found in yoga classes, as it is difficult for beginners to do them safely. In very advanced Bikram courses, the instructor can guide the students in inversion postures.

What you should know about Bikram

The Bikram method was created for today’s people to overcome the problems of stress at work, our bad eating habits and our way of life to the least aggressive.
Bikram Choudhoury has scientifically developed this program to prevent diseases and injuries but also to help with weight loss and limit the effects of aging.
The first Bikram Yoga studios were created in the big cities of the United States (LA, NY, Miami). Today all major cities have one or more studios dedicated to Bikram Yoga reaching people of all backgrounds from all around the world.

Before class, inform the teacher of any previous injuries or medical conditions. An experienced yoga instructor can teach variations to reduce the stress of a body part or make certain movements easier or more difficult depending on the needs of each person.

As in any yoga class, it can be tempting to compare your practice with someone’s else. But pay attention to your own body (and not what others are doing there). This is especially important in a heated classroom, where heat can relax joints and muscles and facilitate the pushing beyond limits.

Bikram Choudhoury has developed scientifically this program to prevent diseases and injuries but also to help with weight loss and limit the effects of aging. All this combined to the yoga known benefits related to fitness, flexibility, balance as well as mental acuity and concentration.

If you feel dizzy with heat, take as many breaks as you need. Most instructors encourage you to lie in the heated room. While you rest, focus on slowing the breathing through the nose.
Remember to drink plenty of water before and after class to restore fluids and electrolytes.

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