Marrakech studio

When the zen attitude embraces (meets) the oriental charm

Om Yoga Marrakech is the second chapter of our adventure. Born from a collaboration with the prestigious Hotel Movenpick Marrakech, the inauguration of the studio will take place in September 2018. The practices that made the success of Om Yoga Casablanca are, of course, on the top list of the offered classes: the inescapable Bikram and Hot Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga and Ashtanga along with the calmness and peacefulness of Yin Yoga classes and the alignment of Hatha Yoga. Not forgetting the fun and joyful atmosphere of Aerial Yoga and Bungee.

We are running with the same spirit; Yoga for all ages, all bodies (morphologies) and all needs. Classes are taught in French and English and teachers are organized on a rotation basis between the big brother -Om Yoga Casablanca- and Om Yoga Marrakech.

As far as the design is concerned, Om Yoga Marrakech is a fusion of zen attitude and oriental charm. The big practice room is reminding us of an art-deco boudoir. It is surrounded by large windows to shape the space and create circulation paths. At the heart of the room stands a majestic fountain pool which takes us right into the magic of the Marrakchi nights.

To go further into practice, the Om Yoga Marrakech program will incorporate group classes and semi-private classes. From Yoga to Floor Bar, classes are tailored to match the convenience of each student. Obviously, there is a space dedicated to the practice of Wall Yoga within a semi-private class in a therapeutic way.

Because the ochre city is our touristic capital, Om Yoga Marrakech will welcome yogis from all over the world to enjoy retreats and attend workshops and yoga teacher trainings.

This adventure is to be lived hand in hand, with you.

Aurélie and Nabil

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Professional Om Yoga Team.

Nabil Scally, Teacher of Bikram yoga, Hatha yoga, Aerial Yoga, Wall Yoga
Aurélie Martin Scally , Teacher of Vinyasa Yoga, Power Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Yin Yoga and Floor Bar
Malika Zine, Hatha yoga
Ahlam Khafi, Hatha yoga, Yin yoga and Aerial Yoga
Giulia Lops, Hatha yoga, yin, vinyasa, bungee, power, hot
Alexandra Ohrlund, Teacher of Vinyasa Yoga, Power, Yin, TRX, Aerial Yoga

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