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While designing this course there were a few factors that we considered crucial to the success of such a program. After completion we want everyone involved to understand very clearly what yoga is how it works and how to communicate that experience in a led class format. So the goal of these courses is to help everyone to first practice yoga with the confidence that on their own they can calm their mind, relax their body and experience pure consciousness. Then to be able to teach in a way that shares that personal connection. Therefore enough time and guidance for personal progress to happen has been woven into the schedule.
To make this process easy lets make it fun and interesting. We begin teaching just one pose to one other person, gradually we teach more poses to more people. By the middle of the course teaching a 1.5 hour class to whole group and by the end of the course having the confidence and imagination to create our own sequences and classes.
What makes this course a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in learning to teach yoga are the media resources which capture the course content. The two sequenced practices are each explained in a workbook with full colour pictures and again in a full practice DVD. These resources will assist the students to achieve a satisfying self practice at home for years to come after the course is over. The Pranayama and Meditation classes are recorded on CD to also allow for a lasting experience to aid in self practice.
This course is very special because the various components create a synthesis which is rare in TTC taught internationally these days. In part one the asana practice will be explained and verified alongside the anatomy section. Similarly in part two the practice of asana, pranayama and especially meditation will be examined and explained in parallel with the study of yoga philosophy. For part three we will look at individual aspects of asana practice like hip openers, inversions or backbends and begin to create mini sequences. Having opened up the possibility of creativity in asana to individual interpretation to help understand how to express that we will look at the art of teaching in the Theory Section.

Course Requirements:

  1. One year of regular asana practice
  2. Completed application form
  3. Pay deposit prior to course and full payment by start date
  4. Personal yoga-mat, strap and suitable clothing
  5. A copy of the two required reading texts for homework assignments

Things You may take from this course:

  • Learn to teach a 2 hour beginners class
  • Learn to teach a 2 hour intermediate level class
  • Learn how to design and modify yoga classes to suit any situation
  • Learn how to practice Asana, Pranayama and Meditation from an experienced practitioner
  • Develop and Sustain your own self practice
  • Study what Yoga is and how it works from a two thousand year old philosophical text
  • Learn human anatomy applied to yoga practice in a therapeutic sense


Is a registered school with the Yoga Alliance.
This teacher training program is internationally accredited and recognised as valid qualification for 200-hr Yoga Alliance Registration.
The 200-hr Teacher training program includes 30 days of training scheduled in three separate 10 day intensives. The combination of contact hours together with co-ordinated home study and practice (prerequisite reading, report and asana and pranayama practice) make this course exceed greatly the minimum requirements.



26 Days Of Practice:

& Meditation
Teaching Practical

Every Sunday = day off and kitchen is closed

Material Resources:
  • Complete practice workbook for two asana sequences
  • Practice DVD for asana sections
  • Guided practices for pranayama and meditation
  • Written notes for theory sections
  • Patanjalis Yoga Sutras
  • Anatomy of Hatha Yoga: David Coulther

Course Structure:

  • The course will run one month. With one day holiday every week.

  • During the interval between classes there will be time for meals and homework.

Price for TT + Accommodation at Om yoga + meals :

Book before March 20th : 2900 euros
Book after March 20th : 3300 euros


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