Full Moon Yoga Workshop

The phases of the moon affect all areas of our lives. The full moon marks the end of the lunar cycle, a time to release and let go. The energy can be harnessed by setting clear intentions and engaging in ritual, meditation, healing practices or yoga sequences focusing on your desired ways of being. Come join us at Om Yoga Marrakech for our Full Moon Circles where we share and hold space for these sacred practices!

When our walk through life is done with conscious awareness, we are said to practice Yoga. By being aware of the waxing and waning of the moon cycles, we can live our lives with more of this consciousness.  The brilliant shine of the full moon has powerful effects on everything from our menses and moods to our yoga practice. When we learn to harness this energy in productive ways through ritual, meditation, healing practices, or specific yoga sequences,  we can significantly impact our own lives and those of everyone with whom we interact. Read on for details about our full moon rituals, held monthly at OM Yoga Marrakech!

Full Moon Yoga in Marrakech

Join us at OM Yoga Marrakech for sacred ceremony during the full moon! We will come together in conscious community to celebrate our divine femininity and the cycles of nature that unite us.

Our Full Moon Circles incorporate practices such as:

  • Guided meditation, noticing our thoughts, our breathing, our state of being.

  • Writing, taking time to reflect by putting pen to paper, writing down what we will release and move on from.
  • Visualization, imagining what we wish to let go of and see it be removed from our lives.
  • Breathwork, using cleansing and rejuvenating breathing techniques to move energy and alter our state of consciousness.
  • Dance, the most natural form of self expression!
  • Moon gazing, partner work, asana, essential oils, sacred plants and flower essences…


We will hold space together in our circle, opening the floor to conversation, communion, and creation, and on the Full Moon, releasing anything that no longer serves us.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Read on for more information about the full moon energy and its relationship to our yoga practice!

What is the Full Moon?

The full moon is the final phase of the moon cycle, when the sun and the moon are in opposition, meaning they are in the opposite zodiac sign. Its brilliant light illuminates all the areas of our life which need to be examined, let go of and released. The powerful energy makes the perfect time for deep reflection and purging any old, stagnant, or repetitive patterns, making way for the new to enter. It is a time to focus on questions like: What habits am I ready to release? What am I willing to let go of? Have my actions and work been in alignment with my values? What projects or intentions do I wish to continue to act on or release?

This moon phase is a time for reflection, celebration, and acknowledgement. Reconnect with your yoga practice, your self-care tools, and your own quiet time. Because women’s menses are often synced with the cycles of the moon, traditionally, the full and new moons are the times when women gather in ceremony with one another to share, to create, and hold space for one another’s experience. These powerful moon phases not only affect menstruation but also people’s moods, ways of viewing the world, and behavior. By consciously taking steps to acknowledge this terminating phase of the moon cycle, we can honor the changes that have taken place in our lives and move forward with more awareness.

Why full moon yoga?

The full moon energy corresponds to the end of the inhale, when our bodies are full of breath and prana (life force energy). The expansive, upward momentum created during this time can create a more energetic, emotional energy, which is perfect to focus into ritual, meditation, healing work, or your yoga practice! Join us at our Om Yoga Marrakech Full Moon Circles to cleanse what no longer serves you and move forward lighter, brighter, and ready to shine!